About Jernbaneverket survey:

On behalf of the Director of the Norwegian railroad, who wanted to gather opinions of all her employees about their work and situation of the railroad of Norway, we have created a set of tools enabling Jernbaneverket (JBV) to conduct an engaging and in-depth pre-workshop-based survey of their employees.
All of the surveys were conducted inside a railroad car that was moving around from town to town, without reliable Internet connectivity. 14 iPads were set up and interconnected, which gave the opportunity to create a local area network with a 3G-based external connection and a local server, enabling an admin’s iPad device to control the events in real time. All employees attending the survey were simultaneously presented with a question and 2-6 different answers. As soon as all questions were answered, results were projected on a large screen, enabling moderated discussion and visualization of the groups answers, in real time.

Frontend & Backend Technology:

HTML5, CSS3, CSS Transformations, JavaScript, WebSocket, PHP and MySQL.
A local Linux-based server acted as both a backend (handling incoming data from clients and pushing live statistics to the administrator) and curator (simultaneously presenting results from the last round directly into a projector screen). Via WebSockets, which in this case gave us an effective way of two-way communication between every device involved, we ensured questions appeared to participants at the same time – the survey’s form and client’s requirements forced strict timeline control.