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About Statoil Energidebatten Eventyret:

Statoil wanted to be perceived as more open and lower the threshold so that people could come up with opinions directly to the brand. This was also important in order to show that the commitment brought by people to the company helped to keep it going and is essential to address the challenges the brand faces.
Energy debate (Energidebatten Eventyret) was a Twitter-based web page that facilitates hashtag #energidebatten – a debate about Statoil, energy and climate related issues. All tweets from #energidebatten were automatically picked up and displayed in the group.
The main goal was that everyone would easily give their opinion directly to the spokespeople of Statoil. People’s involvement in the form of tweets and other responses on the website creates energy.
The results speak for themselves – the website had almost 400.000 entries from Norwegian users.

Frontend Technologies:

HTML5, CSS3, CSS Transformations and JavaScript. Twitter implementation.